material publications

available for viewing in the PCC:

Transmaterial + Transmaterial 2 book covers

Transmaterial + Transmaterial 2
edited by Blaine Erickson Brownell
as the speed of technological progress continues to accelerate, innovation threatens to outpace architects’ and designers’ working knowledge of materials thereby limiting their applicability. in order to stay at the cutting edge of design, a knowledge of the uses, properties, and sources of new materials is essential. a companion to the Transmaterial books written by Blaine Brownell and published by Princeton Architectural Press, Transmaterial online is intended to be a clear, concise, accessible, and carefully edited resource that provides information about the latest and most intriguing materials commercially available. (from Transmaterial online)

Material World 2 book cover

Material World 2: Innovative Materials for Architecture and Design
copiled by Materia
featuring over 150 materials, Material World 2, sequel to the highly successful Material World, is an even more comprehensive catalogue of resources, thanks to a global arsenal of information-crammed data banks available to Frame magazine. what the original quickly revealed is the enormous demand among architects and designers for product information, as well as for the names and addresses of suppliers of fascinating materials and finishes for use in interior design and architecture. Material World 2 satisfies this demand: the reader will find not only a virtually encyclopedic survey of materials, but also addresses, phone numbers, and websites – all the information you need to track down every item featured. (from the back cover)

Material ConneXion book cover

Material ConneXion:
The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers

by George M. Beylerian and Andew Dent, Edited by Anita Moryadas

the original Material ConneXion book includes quotes from 54 leading designers, architects, artists and thinkers worldwide, including Wolfgang Joop, Karim Rashid, Peter Marino, Greg Lynn, Gaetano Pesce and Philippe Starck, that reflect upon the role of materials in contemporary design and identify their favorite materials.  the book also contains a valuable reference section with a bibliography, glossary of technical terms, and lists of trade show and professional publication web sites. (from Material ConneXion online)

Material Index 2009 book cover

Material Index 2009awaiting delivery
by Els Zijlstra, inspirational materials selected by Materia
this book features a selection of the most interesting materials published in the last year by Materia on its materials search engine. with beautiful photos, text and detailed information of the manufacturer, this handy guide is designed as a source of inspiration for you with special attention to sustainable materials. (from Materia online)


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