finnforest thermowood

thanks to professor alan tate, the PCC received new literature (sent along with a sample) from finnforest called thermowood. according to finnforest’s website, thermowood  “is thermal modified wood.”  this modification “has a permanent effect on the wood’s properties providing excellent durability, dimension stability and insulating qualities. the improved features of ThermoWood reduce the potential for shrinkage, wrap or twist and ensure that the product keeps a new-like appearance for a long time.”

it can used for exterior applications such as cladding, decking, fence and window trim, as well as interior cladding and panels.

it’s harder than softwood, similar to teak, and it has a “high resistance” to most decay fungi. and it smells wonderful, like a sauna, a reminiSCENT of my childhood. fortunately, the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) values are “significantly lower than those for untreated softwoods due to the evaporation of most of the terpenes during the heat treatment process.” so, I can safely smell it all day. (all images from finnforest’s website)


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