our first greenbox has arrived! before laney left, she bought a subscription from ecolect for their greenbox. a cardboard box (not green in colour) will arrive 4 times a year filled with new green materials on the market: from insulation made with sheep’s wool to “plastic” cups made from plants. “…the materials must be innovative, environmental solutions ideal for design, engineering, and marketing teams.” this quarterly’s greenbox came with 8 samples of green products from all over the world.

  • Black Mountain Wool
    natural wool insulation made from virgin UK hill farmed wool; wool used is the darker waste colour left over by other industries
  • Ecodomo
    recycled leather tiles; first “eco-friendly” luxurious architectural product from ecodomo
  • Taskboard
    a low-density sheet material useful for architectural models, prot0yping, and design; sustainably forest wood and processed as TCF (totally chlorine free)
    (I’ll be running this one down to the bookstore to see if they can and are interested in getting it in.)
  • Mod Green Pod
    textiles; printed on sturdy and upholstery-weight certified organic cotton and sourced, woven and printed entirely in the USA
  • Zeflo
    a variety of flexible and robust material made in germany with reeds, straw, flax, hemp, miscantus, sugar-cane, sisal, jute, waste paper, old textiles, brewery draff, old bank-notes, etc.; free of binders or adhesives
  • Kirei
    lightweight, durable and strong replacement for wood; made from reclaimed sorghum straw and adhered with a formaldehyde-free adhesive
  • LiViTY
    textiles for fashion accessories, garments, luggage and outerwear; 55% hemp/45% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.), pop bottles that is
  • repurpose compostables
    cold drink cups; made from plants and 100% compostable
  • ExpandOS
    shipping “popcorn”; made from non-usable waste paperboard

(all images from ecolect’s website.)


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