neocon 2009 | part two

  • Peter Pepper Products
    everything but the kitchen sink. all the extra “stuff” you need to finish a room, atrium or outdoor space. catering mostly for the healthcare, corporate and hospitality industries, peter pepper carries everything from clocks, wall desks and patient info boards to wall, free-standing or cart infection control centres (think H1N1) to modular partitions, shelving and lecterns. I’m most impressed with their catalogue called pause: benches, receptacles, planters. nothing irks me more than a new room or building with ugly recycling bins and garbage cans plopped wherever because they were an after thought solved by the cleaning staff and not thought of at all by the designers. peter pepper’s TIMO SQUARE is the best looking recycling bin line I have seen for a while. If I picked a pretty planter, I would pick peter pepper. (above: page from pause catalogue.)
  • Nedlaw
    Living Walls and Living Roofs and an canadian company. what isn’t there to love? if you haven’t noticed, it’s cold outside. darn cold. and we have been trapped inside for over a week now. or is it two? imagine the russell building student lounge or foyer with a living wall…a wall of lush green in the middle winter to paw and admire and “function as indoor-air biofilters” and degrade the “broad range of VOCs and adapt quickly to changing air qualities.”  that is, fresher air to breath. or in the summer, the opportunity to lounge on the russelling building’s roof…study for an exam, sketch or read an article for theory and bask in the sunshine. how divine that would be.

chicago is a fantastic city to explore, eat great food, shop to you drop and ooooo and aahhhh over design and architecture (frank lloyd wright overload). if you have time next summer, neocon 2010 would be wonderful to experience with a group of your designy friends. think: road trip.


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