tonic living

welcome back! I hope you all had a restful holiday and are getting back into the groove, batteries charged, and ready to go again.

before I left for the break, Meredith, an interior design masters student, emailed me a link to tonic living. yesterday, I had a chance to thoroughly check it out.

tonic living, a toronto-based family-run web-only business, carries FABULOUS retro colourful fabrics in FANTASTIC patterns (along with organic cottons). because they have no expensive showroom or storefront, yardage prices are really really reasonable. they also offer sewing services by “local family businesses and individuals who are situated in fair and humane working conditions” and  “have high quality workmanship standards.”

and there is more. you can order fabric swatches online! yes, they charge for them – $1 USD, $1.03 CAD each – but a small price to pay, says I. (above, left to right starting top left, is a sprinkling of what is available. as you can tell, I’m currently loving grey and yellow: emilio in lemon drop, solid birch in portobello, kinsella in lemon, gladstone in portobello, nelson in khaki, ginsberg in lemon, chelsea in maize, filigree leaf in black and 15 oz organic in stone.)

thanks Meredith!

(all images above are from tonic living’s website.)


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