almost everyday the PCC receives emails from various sources notifying us of all kinds of news and articles out there in the design world. below is a few highlights I have received in the last couple weeks:

  • HVAC Optimization for Energy Savings
    The payback on waste elimination can be measured in months, not years, and savings can be very significant.
  • Regional and Rapidly Renewable Materials
    Bio-based content is appearing in new product applications.
  • School Building Teaches Sustainability
    A new school building project raises admissions inquiries by 30 percent.
  • Top 10 LEED Projects
    A showcase of 10 recent LEED projects—many the first of their kind to be certified— that demonstrate the ability and versatility of the rating system to forever alter the landscape of the built environment.
  • Enter the 2010 Bloom Awards
    Join the ranks of the world’s most creative, innovative and globally responsible products; making you – and your products – an industry leader. It’s time to get recognized…
  • Top 10 Green Trends for 2010
    According to green building industry leader, Jerry Yudelson, green building will continue to grow despite the global credit crisis and the ongoing economic recession in most countries.
  • Green Roof:  A Cool Choice
    Green roofs, which include vertical landscapes, greenwalls, and rooftop gardens, are playing an important role in the development of LEED-certified buildings.
  • IIDA Announces Call for Entries for Design Competitions
    Continuing its commitment to honor design excellence, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) recently announced the 2010 Call for Entries for IIDA’s Interior Design Competition and Will Ching Design Competition.
  • Haworth Achieves 0% Landfill Status
    Haworth Inc. recently announced that all U.S., Shanghai and Pune manufacturing facilities, as well as the company’s global headquarters, have achieved zero waste to landfill status.

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