greenwashing, designer beware

I was forwarded this article (on bamboo textiles, see below) from the cbc news site and thought I would share it with you. time and time again we, as designers, are inundated with materials that are allegedly good for our fragile planet. just because a product is labeled  “eco-this, green-that, sustainable-this, friendly-that, natural-this and organic-that” does not mean the product or material is safe for the environment. unfortunately, there are companies out there that claim to be “sustainable” but are only taking minimal action such as encouraging their employees to take the bus to work – a noble task, but far from selling and marketing something eco-friendly. this is called greenwashing. buyer AND designer beware.

for more information on greenwashing and suspect products and materials, check out (and bookmark) the Greenwashing Index.

Bamboo textiles no more ‘natural’ than rayon
Clothing and textiles derived from bamboo must be labelled as rayon or viscose to counter a widely held but mistaken perception that the fabric is environmentally friendly, the Competition Bureau has here for entire article….


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