from the PCC’s email inbox

here’s a highlighted collection of online articles I’ve received in the last two weeks from various news bulletins:

  • SPF, Energy, and the Environment
    The pros and cons of SPF (sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam) roof systems are broken down by different roofing characteristics to help you make better roofing decisions.
  • Past, Present, Future: Roofing
    Long ago, roofs only served a sole purpose of protecting structures. Today’s roofs, however, do much more than simply sheltering a building’s occupants.
  • 2009: A Successful Year for the American High-Rise
    Three of the five tallest buildings completed during the year were located in the United States.
  • CO2 Monitoring Advances Air Quality & Energy Efficiency
    LEED credits contribute to the expanding practice of installing carbon dioxide sensors in occupied spaces.
  • 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards: Winners
    Interiors & Sources Readers’ Choice: Best Products of 2009! Find out which products were chosen as the best and most inspiring on the market.
  • New Green Building Standards Code Lauded
    As the US’s first building code to incorporate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), California’s new Green Building Standards Code demonstrates the state’s commitment to addressing climate change and should be applauded.
  • The Versatility of Tile
    Spanish architect Francisco Mangado and tile manufacturer Ceramica Decorativa partnered to create the award-winning Spanish Pavilion at Expo Zaragoza.
  • Green Trends in 2010
    There are a variety of green alternatives that will be popular next year to easily implement into existing facilities.
  • Small Ways to Build Green
    Buildings will have carbon footprints of zero by the year 2030 – or at least that’s the call to action for architects and building managers from the American Institute of Architects.
  • Going Green in a Down Economy
    With businesses doing all they can to survive, going green can seem unaffordable – but, green initiatives can pay off, even in this economy.

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