cf stinson

I love when companies refuse to see students as non-paying customers but as successful future clients. a huge thankyou-thankyou goes out to cf stinson for their generous gift of 7 beautiful sample binders to the PCC of fabulous performance fabrics from pvc-free to vertical surface to vinyl and a few in between. below is sprinkling of my favourites but you must come in to experience the entire line…including collections from Patty Madden and Michael Graves.

but before I start. while looking for images for this post, I immediately discovered cf stinson’s website is no less than awesome. you can view their fabrics on different styles of furniture (great to get a good sense of scale) AND, get this, you can view them in three different lighting situations: natural, incandescent and florescent. AND you can order samples online. late night fabric choices just got a whole lot easier.

first up. Michael Graves. I love patterns designed not to look like a pattern. that is, you cannot immediately see the repeat (distance between the beginning of one complete pattern in the fabric weave, print, or design and the beginning of the next identical pattern). Michael Graves’ tuscan hills performance fabric (shown in oliva hills above) is an excellent example of this. nature in textile pattern design is nothing new, but landscape (that is, nature at its largest scale) is not seen often enough.

go bold or go home, I say. I love a neutral coloured room, white or light grey walls with white trim, accessorized with bold colors and patterns: a few tossed pillows, a vase, perhaps some candles, a flashy rug and a feature lounge chair. (by using the e-polstery option on the website and photoshop I created the chair above: from motor city collection, rear view in nile – cushions: from now & zen collection, good fortune with agion in ember – pillow: new hempstead in red red wine)

thanks again, cf stinson!


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