a time ago, far too much to admit as this post is way overdue, a big heavy box arrived from ErthCOVERINGS filled with a product binder and fabulous samples of natural stone products for interior and exterior applications.

after flipping through the catalogue, I have decided on cream quartzite from the 3D series for around my fireplace, sydney yellow or springwood black from the ILPM series for my backyard patio and walkway, and I’m sure I can find somewhere to put something from the pebble series. all half-joking aside, this is a really beautiful product. I encourage you to consider ErthCOVERINGS for your next interior or exterior project…especially because it’s 100% post industrial waste.

thank you ErthCOVERINGS for your most generous donation to the PCC!

(all images from ErthCOVERINGS website.)


2 thoughts on “erthCOVERINGS

  1. Great post! Any idea how much the erth coverings cost? I’m interested in their Strips option in Coral White for my fireplace surround.

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