most of the students have presented their projects, handed in their papers and scattered home to exciting (hopefully) summer jobs. it’s quiet in these parts. it is time for all of us left behind to enjoy the “free time” and concentrate on breaking down the piles that have grown and grown during the school year. it’s time for us to catch up. I was going to continue this blog through the summer but, really, I think I would be talking to myself most of the time. so. I apologize for not posting lately (it was busy end-of-year crunch time) and for the summer months.

NEW! summer access.

weekends and holidays

8:15-4:15, CLOSED for lunch

I will not be physically sitting in the PPC this summer but I’m just down the hall in room 216. if you need access, just come and get me.

hours are also posted by the door and on the UM jump portal. any last minute closures are posted on the door.

have a wonderful summer! take some time to play and laugh with friends and family. see you in the fall.


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