I’m sitting here in the office listening to the band stand music outside the PCC window, the glass rattling here and there with the base. there is screaming and yelling and lots of loud talking, the smell of hot dogs and the sight of yellow t-shirts and blue clip boards. wasps are unsuccessfully trying to chase everyone away. ahhh…orientation: the party before it all begins again for another year.

classes for everyone start tomorrow. yay for some. ick for others.

I’m physically back sitting in the PCC and still working on web and graphics for the faculty. but. remember. you are my number one priority. I am here to help you find what you need. but only until december. laney is back in january – lets all pause for the laney’s-back-soon-happy-dance. <dancing to the current band’s terrible cover of sex on fire by kings of leon.>

I’ll keep up with my weekly posts. see you around. <still dancing.>

fall 2010 hours.

monday to friday
8:15 to 4:15
CLOSED for lunch (usually noon to 1:00)

weekends and holidays

hours are also posted by the door and on the UM jump portal. any last minute closures are posted on the door.


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