Mixed Bag of Nuts…

I have a few things to post today…..so it’s a mixed bag of nuts!

First things first – I wanted to mention that you can also check us out on Twitter and Facebook!

Here’s the Link to Facebook….so Like us!


and here’s the link to Twitter…so come and Tweet with us!


Don’t forget to pass this info. along to all of your Designer friends too please!


As for product… today I wanted to post a company that has been really good to us here at the PCC – Goldray Glass.

I should also mention they are a Canadian company with gorgeous product lines!  Here’s their link:


And since I am on a Canadian kick another great Canadian company we love to deal with – Lumigraf!


Events ~

I also like to keep our community in the loop – so if you don’t get their emails…here is a great link to find out about some local green design related events through the CaGBC – MbGBC:


I myself will be attending this one:


Lastly feel free to email me with any suggestions you may have on product and or events you think should be posted!


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