New & Good things come with summer – THE PCC PRODUCT DATABASE!

Not sure if anyone has had the chance to click on the link on the bottom right hand corner…but we are working on a BRAND NEW product database.  This database will be replacing our binder/brochure system (unless there is a sample involved then the literature will accompany the sample).

you: What is the  reason for this change you ask???

pcc: Well there are several reasons the first being that most technical data can be found online and this is usually the most up to date and current literature that a company carries.  Another reason is that this now gives students access to our library from anywhere at any time…well as least the technical data…sorry can’t facilitate virtual samples yet!  Another reason is that this promotes sustainability why waste the paper when you can read it right off the screen (and as a side note we will be putting out the old binders for recycling which students and faculty are welcome to take – just outside the PCC door).

So please enjoy this new resource, read up on new materials but more importantly enjoy this summer!


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