Tour of the Alternative Village

Monday March 5th, 2012
From 12:15pm to 1:00pm

The Product Catalogue Collection (PCC) is organizing, in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture student groups, a tour of the Alternative Village with Jeremy Pinkos.

The tour will offer an overview of the projects and purpose of the Alternative Village including:
-Solar Walls
-Flat Panel air pre-heat & solar water heating
-Evacuated Tube solar water
-Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
-Thermal Electricity generation
-Building Envelope wall section study

-Structural systems testing

If you have never been to the Alternative Village, a group will depart
from the PCC at 12:00 noon to get to the Alternative Village for 12:10.

Lunch is on us. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your place!
RSVP before March 2nd 2012 at


The Product Catalogue Collection,

203 Architecture 2 Building


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