The Product Catalogue Collection (PCC) has been operating in the Faculty of Architecture since the fall of 1991.  The PCC was established due to the generous support of design product manufacturers, distributors and representatives with their generous contributions to the renovation of the space.

Today, the Product Catalogue Collection is home to numerous product resources, including both technical data and samples from all the disciplines including architecture, city planning, interior design and landscape architecture. The product and resource library is one of the first introductions of the vast material realm to students in all disciplines, undergraduate and graduate, in the faculty: environmental design, architecture, city planning, interior design and landscape architecture. The organizational system the library currently utilizes is the MasterFormat system (the equivalent of the construction industry’s Dewey decimal system).

Along with being a resource to students and faculty, the PCC is open to the local design community, providing a large number of resources for those firms who, due to space constraints, are unable to house all the technical data and sample information that is currently available.

Although the collection can appear to be orientated towards interior design – it is so much more!  This is only because interior finish samples are at a scale that is easiest to store and display.  We also house architecture and landscape architecture samples and assist students in finding samples of products that may not be housed in the PCC.  We encourage all disciplines to venture through the PCC’s doors, as we have an abundance of information on all architectural products, such as interior and exterior wall assemblies, and landscape architecture products, such as site furniture and anti-erosion materials.

In 2007, a long overdue renovation of the PCC began as it was time to provide a contemporary space for contemporary products. It was important to introduce an environmentally conscious focus and a lot of the products used in the renovation exemplified the “green” standard we are encouraging students to follow. We had the pleasure to meet with many representatives, manufacturers and distributors, and were excited when many groups stepped forward to participate in the renovation.

The following is a list of manufacturers, distributors and representatives that participated in the renovation of the PCC along with their donation(s):


Doug Mackenzie
12 Haworth task chairs, large wood and granite reception desk

Peter and Tara DeFehr-Tielmann
8 chairs, 2 tables, 2 lounge chairs, 3 bookcases, 1 coffee table


Cloverdale Paint
Jim McDermid
Horizon environmentally friendly paint line

Crown Wallcovering
Arch Donaldson
Vycon wallcovering


Ron Braun
Carpet tile

Dallas Klassen
Carpet tile

Jerry Spevakow
Carpet tile

Joe Russo

Thomas Fulcher
Roppe rubber floor base

Nancy Carpenter
Formica laminate

Antex Western
Barb Hilderman
Installation of the Marmoleum

Thank you to all companies who contributed to the renovation of the Product Catalogue Collection, to everyone who contributes samples and literature on a regular basis and who see the tremendous value the PCC brings to the students and local design community.

Also thank you to all who helped in the renovation including Physical Plant, University of Manitoba, and Keith Millan, Manager, and Rick Finney of the Faculty of Architecture Workshop.


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